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Useful Tip: Copy-Paste Geometry from QGIS to PostGIS

Did you know (I just found out) that when you copy some rows from your attribute table in QGIS and paste that into a Query window in PostgreSQL, the geometry of your object is passed as WKT geometry? Try this: … Continue reading

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La boîte à outil du cartographe / Cartographer’s Toolkit

J’étais excité hier comme un écolier qui apprend qu’une tempête de neige s’annonce et qui réalise que l’école va probablement être fermée le lendemain! 😉 J’ai reçu ma copie de «Cartographer’s Toolkit» par Gretchen Peterson de PetersonGIS. Dans ce livre, … Continue reading

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My First Python Script!

Wooohoooo! Ok, it took a incredible ridiculous amount of time to create it, but I finally did it! CREATE NETWORK FLOW ARCS The script is quite simple. It takes a shapefile with an ID, and origins and destinations coordinates in … Continue reading

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